LeAnna Brennan

Professional Coach

You've got it all...”

Have you ever thought this and looked at your life. A wonderful family, successful practice and all the toys to go with it. Home, car, boat, vacations....


So why do I feel like something is missing?


Frequently we get so caught up in a life”style” that we lose sight of who we are and what is truly important to having a life.

“Where am “I” in all this?”

Living from shoulda, woulda, coulda and oughta, robs you of your authentic self. Dictionary.com defines authentic as not false or copied; genuine; real


Symptoms of not living authentically may include:


Stress     Lack of focus     Busyness

Adrenaline    Financial concerns    Addictions

Irritation, Frustration or Anger Sadness, Anxiety or Depression  Discontent  Inability to make decisions

Disconnection with important people

Searching for a fix

Stagnant professional growth


Should I go on......?



One of the purposes of Coaching is to see where you are today, what is true for you and to create where you want to be by defining your weekly Action Steps.


Coaching is about moving forward. Sometimes it is

baby steps, other times, it is giant leaps forward.


Are you R A W?

Ready, Able and Willing to live on purpose!



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